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The WSE Management Board presented the updated growth strategy of the WSE group for 2014 – 2020 (“WSE.2020”) on 30 October 2014.

The main objective of the WSE.2020 strategy is to make WSE a stock exchange of first choice for investors and issuers in Central and Eastern Europe. Compared to the previous version of the strategy, which provided for growth largely based on mergers and acquisitions, the Exchange’s updated strategy focuses on organic growth. The change of approach derives from developments in the WSE’s external environment (including the pension fund reform and growing competition in the segment of derivatives offered to individual investors) as well as the Exchange’s belief in further great opportunities of development of the local capital and commodity market. The modification of the strategy was also based on the need to better use the resources of the WSE Group (operational and financial focus on the most effective and promising projects) and the need for closer, dynamic adjustment of the Exchange to the competitive environment.

The goals of the updated strategy of the WSE Group include complete operational integration of the WSE Group and its improved cost efficiency by 2020. As a result, WSE plans to improve the integration of the Group among others by establishing a shared services centre and optimising the use of real estate. 

In addition, a savings programme has been put in place covering such cost lines as rent, IT services, external service charges, which should generate ca. PLN 19 mn of savings in 2017 compared to the cost base of operating expenses for the twelve months ended at the end of Q3 2014. This will help to generate additional funding to support the areas with the greatest potential of growth. As a result, WSE expects to increase its consolidated revenue by 7% CAGR while the operating cost/income ratio will be reduced to less than 50% (from 59% in 2013). 

WSE Group’s financial ambition by 2020

WSE Ambition

[1] Based on the consolidated profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent entity adjusted for share of profit of associates.

According to the WSE.2020 strategy, the growth of the WSE Group will rely on six pillars: a liquid equity market; a developed debt market; a competitive derivatives market; a commodity market attractive to investors; a comprehensive offer of information products for investors and issuers; and new business segments opened based on existing competences.

WSE’s key strategic initiatives

Key initiatives

WSE Group’s key aspirations for the main business lines